Sunday, October 26, 2008

Peoria rocks out at the Women's Lifestyle Show...

Let me tell ya, ladies, if you are ever in the market for liposuction, a spine realignment or a face-lift, you can get your first, 2nd and 3rd opinions all at the same time at the annual Women's lifestyle show downtown at the Civic Center. Based on the size of the crowd, it appears that feelings of inadequacy are alive and well here in Central Illinois. Ha ha, I'm just kidding - sort of.

We actually had a great time and a side bonus was a stash of pens that will last at least through Christmas and some sack clips that you can't ever have too many of.

Lugging along my trusty Canon Rebel, I captured lots of images to share.

A crowd favorite is of course, the Cubs chow line. Who doesn't love to shove free pizza, sausage and cake into their face all at the same time.

No surprise here - my favorite booth - The Repubs! I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout-out to my homies in the Repub booth.

Also present today was a glowing Joan Krupa, candidate for State Rep, a woman who next to my Mom and dearly departed Sister-in-Law is as close to Godliness as I've met.

We loved the VESPA booth. Actually, I think it was Illinois Cycle but the daughter couldn't resist mugging for the camera on top of the featured Vespa scooter. Here is a little Vespa on a Vespa.

States Attorney Kevin Lyons was pouring on the charm for the ladies with bouquets of Daisy's. Here is Kevin with our daughter and a smiling supporter, the lovely Renee Parker.

Here is well known and loved Blogger Eyebrows McGee, stumping for the Junior League and her fav cause - The Peoria Playhouse. I'll let you in on a little secret about Laura - she does NOT like getting her pic taken. Best strategy here is to shoot and run.

Wholesome entertainment was featured throughout the day. Unfortunately, James Buffett had a schedule conflict and was unable to perform.

The character of the various displays ranged from mundane to insane. These Monty Python characters were a site to behold.

All in all, a pretty fun day. And by the way, if I disappear for a few weeks and upon my return appear a little refreshed and 10 pounds slimmer, it wouldn't be illogical to conclude that I fell prey to some of today's offerings, would it? Ha. I can dream anyway.


Anonymous said...

Thanks as always i look forward to your posts and photo's . being shut in at times ,its nice to be able to go along .. Mamma Hen

Judy said...

fyi...the performers featured in this blog were from the Heart of Illinois Sweet Adeline Chorus. We sing 4-part harmony barbershop style...and rehearse at ICC every Tuesday evening at 7pm. ALSO, the chorus will present a SHOW this Saturday, November 1---2:30pm---on the stage at the ICC Performing Arts Center in East Peoria. The theme of the first half of the show is "Cook-Off at the Cast Iron Cafe"---a take-off on the cooking channel. The second half of the show will feature this award-winning chorus in concert! Tickets are still available!