Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Politics: Schock sets new record for Mayoral endorsements!

City leaders from across the state converged upon the "Schock for Congress" Headquarters this morning in a unified and powerful endorsement of Aaron Schock for U.S. congress. Today, Shock was endorsed by a record 116 mayors of cities, towns and villages all over the 18th District in his race for Congress.

The 116 Mayors include Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

The spirit and energy in the room was palpable as Mayor after Mayor declared their personal reasons for their overwhelming support of Schock.

Many had similar sentiments. Here are snippets of some of the comments that I heard repeatedly.

"Aaron came to our community, sat down, looked me in the eye, took notes, and really worked hard to understand our needs"

"Aaron was so personable, and really connected with our citizens."

"If Aaron wasn't sure about something, he would say he would look into it and get back to us, and then he did!"

"Aaron visited our nursing homes, our factories, and our schools"

"We were so impressed that he took such an active interest in our needs".

"As our state representative, Aaron was always accessible."

"We have admired Aaron's ability to maintain a positive and idea driven campaign - even when his opponent was doing nothing but tearing him down. His dedication to remaining above the fray is a breath of fresh air."

Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis had a cute quip that garnered a pretty good guffaw from the audience..."It seems strange to describe someone as 26 years old as a legend, but I can't think of a better word".

The Mayor of Washington, Gary Manier, had this cute story. "Aaron asked to meet with me one morning. He asked what my day was like. I told him I was visiting a First grade. Aaron asked if he could go along, and he did. After that I was invisible to the Kids - they were so thrilled to meet him".

The Mayor of Peoria Heights, Mark Allen, who admits that he tends to lean more Democrat in policy had this to say: "Aaron and I have our ideological differences, but we have talked about them, worked it out, and we maintain our mutual respect for each other. Aaron is clearly the best choice to represent our interests in Washington, DC. It's a slam-dunk"

So, I guess to answer the question persistently asked by the Callahan campaign "Where is Aaron Schock"? Here is your answer...

Alsey, Altona, Arenzville, Argenta, Ashland, Athens, Atlanta, Barry, Bartonville, Bath, Beardstown, Bellevue, Bluffs, Bradford, Broadwell, Browning, Buffalo, Camp Point, Chandlerville, Chapin, Chillicothe, Clayton, Coatsburg, Congerville, Creve Couer, Curran, Dawson, Dunlap, East Peoria, Easton, El Paso, Elkhart, Elmwood, Emden, Eureka, Forest City, Forstyth, Germantown Hills, Glasford, Glasgow, Golden, Goodfield, Grandview, Granville, Green Valley, Greenview, Griggsville, Hanna City, Hartsburg, Havana, Hennepin, Henry, Hopedale, Hopewell, Illiopolis, Jacksonville, Kilbourne, Kingston Mines, La Rose, Lacon, Lafayette, Latham, Liberty, Lincoln, Loraine, Mackinaw, Manchester, Manito, Mapleton, Maroa, Marquette Heights, Mason City, Meredosia, Metamora, Morton, Mt. Pulaski, Mt. Sterling, Murrayville, Naples, North Pekin, Oakford, Oneida, Oreana, Panola, Payson, Pekin, Peoria, Peoria Heights, Perry, Petersburg, Pleasant Plains, Princeville, Riverton, Roanoke, Rushville, San Jose, South Jacksonville, South Pekin, Sparland, Spaulding, Spring Bay, Standard, Toluca, Topeka, Toulon, Tremont, Versailles, Warrensburg, Washington, Waverly, Williamsfield, Winchester, Wyoming, and Yates City.

That's where he was. And did I mention he received the endorsement of every one of those mayors. Oh yeah, I just did.

His apologies if he wasn't available for Patty-cake.


SCR said...

Very good account of the days events. The suport and unity was amazing.

We spoke briefly in the parking lot upon leaving. You needed signs.


Jennifer said...

Okay, one question, Princeville doesn't have a "mayor" so I wonder who endorsed him?

Diane Vespa said...

Jen - I'll have to check my Press Release list.. they did say that some smaller areas may not have mayors but commissioners or something like that. In that event they used the highest office. I'll check my list tonight (it's at home) and I'll get back to you.

Anonymous said...

Princeville has a mayor. They do not have a police force

Anonymous said...

My question is this: did any of these mayors seem honest when they backed Schock? Or were they just doing a photo op piece??

Diane Vespa said...

I am kicking myself in the butt that I didn't bring my digital recorder. You could tell these guys and gals really liked and respected Aaron. Their support was sincere and overwhelming.

Jennifer said...

Um... no, Princeville doesn't have a mayor. It has a village board, consisting of six members (trustees), and a village president, Sid Stahl.

I don't mean to nit-pick. I just hate mayoral recommendations, no matter who they are recommending, Dem or Repub. I think if a mayor wants to endorse someone it should be using his/her status as a private citizen, otherwise it gives the impression that he/she is representing his/her constituents, which may not be the case.

Diane Vespa said...

Jennifer, my list says Sid Stahl. I think I work with his wife.

Jennifer said...

Yes, Sid is the President of the Village Board. Is his wife's name Nancy? (Okay, lame joke)
There are a TON of Stahl's out in this area! Luckily, they seem to be a very nice family.

Diane Vespa said...

I work with Pat Stahl, and yes, she is a sweetheart.

Will said...

Translation: they think Schock will probably win and want their cut of the federal pork.