Sunday, November 2, 2008


Do people really pay good money for a Chia Pet? I've always wanted one, but the little common sense voice inside my head would scream "loser" anytime I came close. So when my Mom surprised me with a Chia Pet she found at a Walgreen's for half price (she is good at stuff like that!), I was psyched. We couldn't wait to get him started. I decided as a a sort-of public service announcement to share the Chia experience with my readers. Who knows, there may be others out there as mystified and conflicted as I was.

First, you take the pet out of the package and resuscitate him. If you have children under the age of 7, you will no doubt have to name him. All bets are that it will be a Fluffy or Skippy or Barky. In fact, to simplify, give them those three choices. Soak Fluffy in water overnight. Simultaneously, mix the seed mixture with water and allow it to goo overnight as well.

The next day, spread the goo on the soaked Chia Pet. The kids love this part, and expect a big mess. After they lose interest, (in about 3 minutes) and aren't looking, re-do it.

In about a day you will see the little seeds sprout. After a full 2 days your Chia Pet will look like it is covered with maggots. Of course, this will not phase the experienced parent.

After 4 days, it starts looking like a Chia with a flat top, and in a week, bar the door, Fluffy! This baby needs a trip to the groomers!

Epilogue: Although it is enjoyable to watch anything flourish and grow, this dude got old pretty quick. The kids kept asking when they could play with it. As soon as they realized that Fluffy would never fetch or roll over, they moved on. The experience was worthwhile though, because at least now I can be certain that on my deathbed I won't think "Hmmm, I wonder what it would have been like to grow a Chia Pet?"

I would also be more inclined to purchase another if they offered one that grew something to eat, spice with, or smoke. Now THAT would be cool!


Floyd said...

The answer to all of your dreams!

Anonymous said...

I wonder where my worry stone went. Those are good, too.

East Bluff Barbie said...

We have three chia pets that need to be seeded and grown. My kids had to have them and lost interest. Maybe I'll just grow them in my office then I can't get any grief from the kids when I kill them.

Margaret said...

Linking to my Chiativity blog. Hope you don't mind. Love your photos.