Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Epilogue

Whether you love or hate the election results, I think we can all appreciate the fact it is over. The country and the world can collectively exhale, for now. President-Elect Obama has his work cut out for him, that's for sure. For the sake of the entire world, I pray he is up to the task. You have to admire the professionalism with which he ran his campaign. He stayed on point, rarely slipped up, and kept his message for the most part positive. He was clearly the country's choice, and his significant margin of victory will help McCain supporters (like me) accept his win, suck it up, and move on.

The race that is far more difficult to digest is Jehan Gordon's win over Joan Krupa. Joan was clearly the more qualified candidate for the State house 92nd District, most everyone would agree. The stars lined up perfectly this year for Gordon, and the results are, in my opinion, a perfect example of an imperfect democracy. The people that voted for her, hopefully did not realize the role that her mentors played in the fact that our state government is in the crapper. If they did, how could they possibly believe then that their representation of the citizens of Peoria will be any different?

On the other hand, Joan Krupa is one of the most selfless, loving and God-fearing people I have ever met. Her qualifications for the office she sought were beyond reproach, according to past two term Republican Governer of Illinois, Jim Edgar. As I read the daily smut that Gordon and her corrupt dysfunctional Chicago friends threw against Joan and her exemplary record of public service, it hurt me on a very personal level. She might as well have been slandering my Mom. I can overlook Jehan's shoplifting conviction. I can even almost overlook her lying about her degree, but I will never forget her maliciousness towards Joan. She may have won the election, but you can't win integrity or a conscience, and if she doesn't have it by now, it's a real long shot. Gordon is young with a long life ahead of her, but I'm afraid with her demonstrated lack of boundaries, it will not be an easy road. The problem is, citizens of Peoria are now along for the ride as well. Scary.

The Krupa campaign would also beg to differ on her claim that she won the election by her diligent and brilliant campaigning. I'm thinking the multiple debate hosts that were stood up when she didn't show for scheduled debates would disagree. You won, Jehan, so you can quit with the spin. Act like you've been there. Just give credit where credit is due and thank Barrack Obama next time you see him. While your at it you might want to apologize for capitalizing on his good name without his permission. Joan, on the other hand, told me on the phone today that she is praying for your success in Springfield.

How about that State's Attorney's race? What a nail-biter, and one I chose to stay out of. For one thing, DH, being a defense attorney would have to work with the ultimate victor. Secondly, both Kevin Lyons and the Lahood families are friends of the family and it was just tooo weird. Kind of like if your Mom was running against your sister. They both ran strong, vibrant campaigns, and the results could have been a coin toss.

The only thing I would offer in retrospect is this. It is worrisome that the City and our Police Departments took such a strong stand against the State's Attorney's Office. I don't think that can be chalked up to "politics as usual". Something is seriously wrong in Who-ville. I hope that Mr. Ardis, Mr. Settingsgaard and Mr. Lyons can extend mutual olive branches and try to resolve their differences on behalf of the city. Everyone can use all the help they can get, and since they are all stuck with each other might as well make the best of it.

Mr. Lyons, I know this is none of my business, but you seem like a nice man. You gave our daughter daisies last week for Pete's sake. Would it really kill you to participate in the Mayor's crime task force? What is it an hour a week? Even if you just go and don't utter a single word your mere presence could speak volumes to the public on your willingness to fight crime. Additionally, it just might freak out a crook or two, and if it spares even one little old ladies snatched purse, it would all be worthwhile.

Those are my thoughts for what they are worth on election 2008. All of the candidates are very brave people to put themselves out there, warts and all, to judge and be judged, with at least a 50% chance of losing. That takes a lot of GUTS, some I surely do not have. Joan Krupa asked me Tuesday night if I would ever run for public office. I told her, accurately, that if someone with her caliber could run and not win, I wouldn't stand a chance.


O'Brien's Briar Patch said...

Every time people would make the comment they would be glad to see this election over, at first I sort of would agree with them, but after that first impression was over, I realized what a historic time we were living in when all of this was going on and whether one was a Democrat or a Republican, it should be something we should all be proud of and something we should appreciate.

Our country made history during this election period. The Democratic front runners were a black man and woman and during the final period, whether one liked her or not, the VP was a woman again.

Something else to be around to see.

Anonymous said...

Diane ,
I couldn't have said it better . I prayed for all who ran . Yes i wanted Joan Krupa to win . I have worked with her , all you said is si true. She is a class act. I hope the 92nd district will get the help we have all gotten in the past .I'm very glad this is over for now . I hope you and Joan stay in touch , her and i have .. Mamma Hen

Christi said...

I would gladly vote for you Diane, your one of the smartest women I know and I respect your opinion wholeheartedly.

I avoided the blogs lately because of the emotional exhaustion over the elections and am just now braving sticking my nose in here. Your magnanimous comments with regard to our president are beyond my capability right now but I respect them and will do my very best to keep my chin up.

Like you I was dumbfounded over the Gordon win. She only has Obama to thank. Had Shock lost I think I would have hung myself.

My opinion on the States Attorneys race is not quite so strong. I can wait and see how things go from here. There's room for a lot of improvement here so with any luck we will move in the right direction.

I'll behave now.... promise. Thanks for your post Diane... I'm trying to get better with it but I'm highly bothered by the one party state of our government right now and I just pray all our justices stay healthy.

William said...

All you haters should go hang yourselfs.

The country is changing. Old, tired white folks are bitter with their bibles and guns and can't recognize that the '50's are long gone.