Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't believe everything you hear...

This is just a general comment. If you ever hear that someone said something about you, before you repeat it or believe it as gospel, you might want to check directly with the person who the comment was attributed do. This would be true especially if the *gossiper* did not particularly like the *gossipp-ee*. Hard to believe, isn't it?

It's just a good rule of thumb, because believe it or not - people don't always tell the truth. *gasp*

"Consider the source"
My Mom


Anonymous said...

And sometimes it really IS the truth!

Diane Vespa said...

Anonymous - Absolutely! Sometimes it really is the truth, but often times it is not. Or alternatively, an embellishment of a harmless statement for other reasons.

In any event, my initial premise still stands. If it is something you find hurtful, (which in and of itself would make you question why the "friend" would even say such a thing), before believing it... why not confirm with the person who is alleged to have said it?

That puts you back in control and allows the person that supposedly said it either deny it or say it to your face. Win/win!

Life is too short to thrive on discontent. Thanks for the comment.

Karyn said...


You and I have had many conversations as to why I hate the blogging world. This posting epitomizes it- the internet gives power to morally lacking, self loathing, integrity violators that think they can post any comments they want without any recourse simply by posting it under "anonymous".

As your sister, I know that you work hard to teach your children that there will always be people with whom they disagree. However, if they are honest in their convictions and always try to do the right thing with the knowledge that they have, they will be alright in the eyes of those that matter most(ie., God). I know that you live by these values as your successful business and home life are proof.

A very smart woman once told me "If you mess with pigs, you're going to get dirty" and dear sister, let me say "Right back at you!" Any time you spend defending your honor or moral character to someone who can't even discuss these issues with you face to face, obviously has only ill will towards you. These interactions will in no way, shape or form, make you a better person so why even stoop to their immature level? As well, anyone else listening to this person should realize its only a matter of time before THEY are a victim of this gossipers attack (if they haven't already been!).

So instead of wasting precious energy defending yourself to those that already know and love you for your strength, moral courage, and never waivering suppport, pray for this individual. Pray that they may actually find some courage to resolve their own self loathing issues and contribute something positive to the internet. Until then, I will stick to books....


Diane Vespa said...

You PMS'ing again?

LOL! Love ya too.

Karyn said...

Nope. Not at all. I just hate it when people try to steal others' successes because they lack their own!!