Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pass the buck...

Yesterday, while dining at the food court at Northwoods Mall, I was forced to participate in the following conversation:

Our Son: "Dad, what color is God's skin?"

The Dh: "Ask your mom."

Me: "Huh?" (As I was rudely diverted from my enjoyment of a veggie Charlie's grilled sub.)

The son: "Mom, what color is God's skin?"

Me: (looked rudely towards DH as I took the liberty of a long, laborious thinking moment) "I think that God's skin would be a mixture of the color of every person's in the universe". That seemed to satisfy him.. although I could tell he was still thinking. "What color do you think it is?"

The son: "I think it is clear, because God is all around us."

Me: "Son, I think you might be on to something there!"

The Daughter: "I think it is green!"

End of discussion.


Raising my kids RIGHT said...

Clear and green. Classic.

larry fordham said...

why did discussion end at that point??