Sunday, February 22, 2009

They are babies, not octopi

I'm probably the only one on the planet that will come to the defense of the Mom to the most recent Octuplets...but c'mon! There is quite a bit of overkill going on wouldn't ya say?

Like what is up with calling her the Octomom? That would be fine if she just gave birth to a bunch of octopuses but the reality is that she has 8 infants, many in critical condition. Those kids are going to have a tough road to hoe as it is. Why pile on and have them bullied and stigmatized for life as the Octo-kids?

OK the mom is nuts and is bilking the taxpayers out of most likely millions of dollars. It's not exactly a novel concept and happens all the time. It's just that the decimal point is a little farther to the right in this case.

Now the sperm donor Dad is seeing dollar signs and getting in on the act. Apparently he was "tricked". I'm sorry but I really don't think his intent was to be Father of the Year if all he had to do was come in a jar.

I think the public and the media needs to back off this woman and let the State, her family and Children and Family Services handle it. Try, just try to drum up a little compassion if not for the Mom then for the babies some of which are undoubtedly struggling for every breath.


Anonymous said...

Why should we back off the woman? I have zero compassion for the "mom". I don't think I have heard anyone attacking the babies. The mom should held up as an example of evil to be reviled by all those of us who have to pay for her selfish choices. The grandmother as well. She was complicit in her daughter's stupidity/insanity.

Mazr said...

"Maztr, how did you find those deals? I don't see anything like that."

Diane, I just saw this question to me on the "Geekfather"'s blog. I wasn't ignoring your question, but I haven't checked it since I posted there.

Both those GPS prices were on one-day deals only.