Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Comfort Quilts: Peorians turn out this Saturday to support families of fallen Marines

Thank you to Karrie Alms for this press release. Here is a great example of ordinary citizens making a difference. Hope to see lots of faces this Saturday at Northwoods Mall in support of the families of our fallen Marines. Bring the kids and if possible some swaths of pre-washed 100% cotton material.

When: Saturday March 7, 2009 9am – 1pm

Where: Northwoods Mall, lower level outside JC Penney

What: Comfort Quilts display and activity

Who: Sponsored by Citizen SAM—Citizen Support for America’s Military

Contact person: Tammi Berry at 309-361-4794

Comfort Quilts are handmade and sent to every family in the nation who has lost a soldier in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The quilts consist of 12 x 12 squares each signed with an inspirational message. Sue Scheri from Spring Valley, IL has been a member of Marine Comfort Quilts for the past five years and will be on hand to answer questions and give direction. To date, 4000 Comfort Quilts have been completed by the organization. Citizen SAM is partnering with them to contribute to this effort. Volunteers will be cutting out quilt squares and signing messages of comfort. There will be at least two Comfort Quilts displayed on loan to us from local families who have lost a loved one in Iraq. To view a gallery of these quilts click on the following link People wanting to become involved locally can learn more by visiting

(Citizen SAM was formerly Central Illinois Proud Families of Marines)


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Capitalize "Marines!"


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Done. Thanks. I can't believe I did that!

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