Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Doug Whitley announces bid for Illinois Governor

The morning after the Schwartz soiree I attended a breakfast for recently announced Gubernatorial candidate Doug Whitley. Doug is an energetic and dynamic individual and suffice it to say he is fired up! His main goal if elected governor would be to restore trust and confidence in Illinois government. He feels that our national reputation has been destroyed and it will take strong and competant leadership to rebuild it.

Doug is frankly shocked at the lack of outrage over the state of our government. "The next governor will have to literally re-build our state" Doug said. "After a decade of lost leadership, Illinois can no longer compete in a global market. Our state has turned their back on business and we need an entirely new direction. Indiana is flourishing under the leadership of two effective governors, and folks are moving from Illinois!" He also made note of the fact that approximately every 10 years Illinois loses another congressman because of our declining (flee-ing) population. As Illinoisans, we should be very concerned.

"What do you do, do you give up? flee?" Doug asked. In his case, he runs for Governor. Doug realizes that being a candidate will require a lot of personal sacrifice from himself and his family, but he feels an obligation to public service. "I am the person who has the skills, the background and the knowledge to fix what is broken. If there is someone who steps up to the plate who is more qualified than myself, I'll gladly step aside. But for the sake of the citizens of Illinois, we need strong capable leadership, and I'm the one who can deliver." Here is a brief bio:

A passionate advocate, Whitley tirelessly promotes a supportive and cost competitive business climate in order to nurture investment and job growth in Illinois.

Whitley has a long record of business leadership and expertise in legislation, taxation and regulation, which he has earned in a career spanning the public and private sectors. Before joining the Illinois Chamber, Whitley was President of Ameritech Illinois for the six years prior to SBC Corporation’s acquisition of Ameritech. Whitley served two years as Director of the Illinois Department of Revenue during the administration of Governor Jim Edgar. As president of the Taxpayers’ Federation of Illinois for 14 years Whitley built a solid reputation as the taxpayers’ fiscal watchdog in the state house.

Doug also spoke later that evening at the Tazewell County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner. There is good PJStar coverage of that event here.

It it is crucial that Republicans win back the Governorship in 2010. One party rule is a recipe for broken and corrupt Government. I agree with him. He's got my vote.

Funny story. This story has been in my drafts file for awhile with a back-log of future posts. I saw Doug Crew, who is managing Mr. Whitley's campaign at the Peoria Republican Dinner last Saturday. Doug deadpanned with a slight eye roll that he read my blog post about the petrified hamburger. Being an astute blogger, I read between the lines buckled down and completed this post. Lol, Mr. Crew!!

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