Monday, March 9, 2009


Did I get your attention? Are ya scared? A piece of mail boldly marked with URGENT NOTICE written 100 times in the background arrived in our mailbox today. It was addressed to my husband. Now I never open my husbands mail. He's kind of funny about that.. but when this arrived, I was worried. The return address was 4704 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria, which I estimated to be right about where the Public Health Department was.

I kept staring at that letter and all kinds of weird scenarios started running through my head. It looked very "official". Had the kids been lead tested at school perhaps? Did we eat something that had been recalled? Was there a lice epidemic at school? Had some long lost lover... never mind. As I looked at that letter with my mind racing, I knew there was NO way I was going to wait until the dh got home to open it.

So this next part is OFF THE RECORD! Agreed? If not, read no further.

I opened the letter.

Tinnitus Health Notification. Are you hard of hearing or do you suffer from ringing in your ears? Beltone is pleased to announce a special 3-Day hearing Health event in your area. Blah blah blah... Call Now if you wish to be included in this special event.

My reaction was a mixture of 1. relief that none of us was facing imminent death 2. extreme annoyance and 3. Glad that I hadn't waited nervously all afternoon for DH to get home.

Well Beltone Hearing Care Centers here is my answer. NO. I am NOT hard of hearing, I am not interested in this event, and if I was I would make it a point to call your competitor.

If something like this comes in the mail again, I'm callin your house and leaving a vague babbling message on your answering machine to call a phone number that goes directly to an ER.

By the way, here is a link to a list of all the consumer complaints against Beltone Hearing Aids.


Anonymous said...

My husband received the same notice. I thought like you did, it was from the Health Department. I also opened the envelope. I was glad it wasn't serious, but I thought it was a little deceiving.

Ramble On said...

For future reference: The Peoria City/County Health Department is located at 2116 N. Sheridan Road.