Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ian Schwartz - over and out!

Friends, family, bloggers, and cast and Crew of HOI news and WEEK turned out to bid adieu to HOI news-anchor Ian Schwartz last Friday at Kellehers. Ian is relocating back to his old stomping grounds of Mesa, AZ. Sniff sniff.

I will never forget Ian's humor, fearlessness and the sensational piece he did on internet predators. He put the dude from "Dateline" to shame in a very understated, Ian sort of way. My fav memory of him is last Christmas Eve when he did the newscast as Santa Claus. I didn't even realize it was him but caught on when Santa kept talking about what a great newsman Ian Schwartz was. Guess I need to teach him a thing or two about subtlety.

One of the more notable moments of the evening was the HOI camera man telling the Bloggers a surefire way to get press passes. Heh heh. I'd tell you all, but then I'd have to kill ya! Below from Left to right is Ian, me, and the infamous Scott Janz.

Below Left to right, Paul Wilkinson, Ashley McNamee, Jen Christensen, me and Gina Ford.

Ian, We will miss your smiling face, and you deserve all the best. You better get back here often or Paul and I will come looking for you with our cameras - probably in about January. God speed!


Anonymous said...

Ya accidentally identified ASHLEY MCNAMEE as Ashleigh Mcnamara...
Good luck to him also in AZ.

Diane Vespa said...

Thank you. I corrected it. ;)

Paul Wilkinson said...

Goodbye Ian, you are definately a once in a lifetime friend.

Ian said...

Paul, Diane and Janz! Thanks for coming was great to have you all at the sending off party. I will miss you guys and Peoria! I'll be sure to keep you posted on everything Ian. As for Santa, I think he just calls them as he sees them! haha. Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

As we all wish Ian well going back home to his family & friends he will be a lot happier there especially not having to deal with any more Illinois winters & he can wear his flip flops everyday. hahaha. When someone leaves they always say that they will stay in touch most likely they wont not in a negative way because he will go back & pick up where he left off nearly 3 years ago when he left AZ to come to Peoria. We get busy with our lives, family, etc. I wish him well & will miss Santa Schwartz as well as Ian himself. The most important thing of all is hoping that you will find a job that will make you as happy as you were at WHOI. Keep up the good work Ian.
Diane love your blog & thanks for correcting Ashley's last name....You also keep up the good work.
Paul friends come & go into people lives there is never one "once in a lifetime friend" Hopefully you have a lot of friends & family you care for as much as it sounds like you did for Ian.

Diane Vespa said...

Hi Anon! Appreciate your comments. Actually heard from Ian last week. He just got a gig in Albuquerce, (sp?) NM, and is really excited. He said he would send a video clip as soon as he had one! Then I'll post it here!