Thursday, March 26, 2009

Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis encourages supporters to get out the vote!

Supporters of Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis gathered Thursday for a fundraiser and "Get out the vote" rally at Brewers Distributing on Townline Road in Peoria. Jim was a little late arriving at the event. He had a good enough reason though. He was meeting visiting former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev at the airport. Gorbachev will be speaking on behalf of Eureka College tomorrow night at the Peoria Civic Center.

Jim encouraged the crowd to make sure they vote on April 7th. He said that voter turnout is predicted to be very light, somewhere in the vicinity of 15 - 20%. That makes each and every vote exceedingly important.

Our boy with Mayor Jim Ardis taken this evening.

Jim also briefly mentioned the Museum referendum. He recognized that it is a personal choice, and always respectful, said he doesn't want to tell anyone how to vote. He did encourage everyone to consider supporting the museum and to "dream big". He felt it would be a big boost for the downtown area. I agree.

Jim doesn't want to tell you how to vote, but I will. Please re-elect Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis, and vote YES on the public facility tax. Thank you.

A big thank you to At-large council member George Jacob for the use of his beautiful facility.


Karrie E. Alms said...

Mayor Ardis is correct --- we need to dream big as we need to Build a Better Block! Please vote NO on April 7.

Diane Vespa said...

And what exactly are your plans for it, Karrie?


Why should only Karrie have plans for it? I think the whole City should be allowed to say what goes there. The HOP,and other plans developed by the city and citzens input should be done.

Diane Vespa said...

Martin, what other viable options have museum opponants put forth for the block? If the museum referendum fails to pass I fear we will be staring at a black hole for many many years to come. What impression does that give to those visiting our fair city?

Billy Dennis said...

Let the free market decide. The city should put a "For Sale" sign on the lot and sell it to WHOEVER agrees to pay taxes on it.

By trying to manage and control the economy by fiat, the City of Peoria is doing what President Obama is trying to do: Pick and choose the winners.

Martin Palmer said...

Diane: The same logic was used when Midtown plaza was proposed "this is a blighted area and this is exactly what the East Bluff needs" so now look what we have now an empty shell of a development that the city is on the hook to pay for and the developer makes out fine. Short sided planning at its best! I seem to remeber some time back Mr. Hammonds wanted to build a hotel on the "block" but that was reserved for the museum and we all know it went to East Peoria (with incentives) We as a city have many "black holes" as you say in the South side, East Bluff,Downtown vacant buildings and other parts of the city it is called urban decay and flight. How many years will these parts of peoria stare at there "black holes" some have been there for more years than some people can remember. What impression does that give to the people that live there? No hope? No one cares? The Build the block campain is a slick media blitz to put a spin on there wants and not detail the issues that hide in the background. Cat and ther part is a effort to hold the public hostage on there part.I think cat wants out of there deal and if it fails it is an easy way out for them. I think and see cat exiting peoria slowly over time , just look to the past and you can see this. This project will not keep them here. We as a city can do better than a tax increase and a no tax income development on this project.It is a dobble whammy when you raze taxes and take property off the tax rolls to do it.

Karrie E. Alms said...

Diane: The museum group has no Plan 'B'. It would seem that all their eggs are in one basket. Marty shares that Mr. Hammond wanted to build a hotel on the block --- hum ---- that would have been like the Heart of Peoria Plan suggested --- urban density in the urban core for 24/7 activity? Why did that not occur?

CFRS' plan is for the citizens to decide, after all it is their land and their money.

Diane: Are you up for that discussion and process?

Diane Vespa said...

Karrie, I would just as soon plan a museum as I would clean 1000 public toilets. It's just not my thing. I'd rather defer to those who do it for a living.

The museum plans look outstanding to me! I'll vote "yes". The thought of staring for years and years at an empty black hole makes me nauseous.

Dream big. Build the block. Vote YES on the public facilities tax.

Martin Palmer said...

Rember your "yes" vote is for a tax increase on ANY public facilities Not just the build the block. There is NO set plans for what all of the monies generated will go. A "Cash Cow" for any project the county wants to build. I can't support a tax that is so open ended. As for the sunset clause I think the county will figure out a way to extend it after the 20 years. The COP did for the civic center tax,The SSD tax in the East Bluff was "sunset" but it has been extended once and some will try to extend it again. Once a tax is imposed it almost never goes away.

No one likes the garbage tax but it is here to stay.
Look forward to a tax increase to help fund the CSO project,city services, and a possable tax increase for the state. Our drivers fees might go up again.#150and there current shortfall might intail some tax increase. Where will it stop?

ThinkingPositive said...

Thanks, Diane. Yes, Vote YES on the public facilities referendum.

East Peoria continues to move ahead because of positive (rather than negative) leadership. Two tax-raising referenda (schools and library) will be on their ballot and all signs are positive.

Christi said...

I didn’t realize there were offers to purchase the property Dennis and if there is would selling it guarantee that those who fight this move will be happy? I mean the arguments I’ve heard (aside from the financial) are pretty much the same. It’s too ugly and won’t be profitable. If it’s purchased by another entrepreneur will critics of the existing project be happy with what they have planned for it? Sure the possibility exists that they just may be able to develop it on their own and not ask the general public for a hand out but if they do this what kind of control will the general public have over the project? Another answer I’d like is how long we have to wait before this hypothetical buyer got off his backside and did something with the black hole.

Perhaps the museum isn’t right for our community, but at least someone has a plan they are willing to implement and honestly I’m tired arguing about it and I’d like to see something done. Talk get’s us no where. How long do we plan to eat E. Peoria’s dust while we watch them move forward in their development as we wave at them from the sidelines? The brilliant snotty comments about how we’re too good to lower our standards with regard to our beautiful water front property means very little when we’re going no where.

I’m inclined to vote yes until you can convince me otherwise.