Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Election Day!

We've heard it all and it is now time for us to exercise one of our country's greatest rights - the right to elect our leaders!

I would like to wish all candidates the very best. Each and every one of them has my respect and admiration. It is one things to take pot-shots at people and issues from the sidelines (myself included)- it is quite another to actually put your life and your reputation on the line and go out there and do it.

Thank you to all of you for stepping up answering the call of the greatest system of government on the planet - democracy. My very best wishes to each of you (some more than others heh heh) and may the best ideas prevail!

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dewayne said...

I voted.
They were so glad to see a voter at my precinct I was treated like Barack Obama arriving in France.
If I had taken my wife in with me they probaly would have thrown a parade.