Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A new relationship...

I'm in a new relationship. It is still relatively early, so I'm not sure that I can or will commit fully, but all indications are that this will be a lasting and worthwhile relationship.

Last Saturday for example, I greeted the day with great anticipation. We were going on our first road trip together. It was a little nervewracking given that the relationship was still new and somewhat tentative, but in my heart of hearts, I felt it would go well. I yielded to the excitement, threw caution to the wind and away we went!

At some point during the day we had our first moment of reckoning. We started turning down a frontage road, and off the familiar beaten path. I hesitated, and then decided that if were ever going to make it to the "next step", I would have to impart some blind trust. Without protest I acquiesed, and felt pure elation upon noticing some familiar landmarks close to our destination. Not only had our relationship advanced to a deeper, more trusting level, but I now knew a more meandering, scenic route to some of my favorite destinations.

Like old sneakers, it's hard to let go of established relationships. Yahoo! Maps has served me well. But the paper and printing had become cumbersome... and it was so unyielding if I changed plans. My new Garmin Nuvi GPS is fresh and exciting, has all the bells and whistles and I can mold it to what I want it to be. His name is Andrew. If he gets on my nerves I can turn him into a woman. He is very patient most of the time, but does get a little short if I pull rank on him and ignore his directions. Sometimes just for fun I try extra hard to rattle him. RECALCULATING! RECALCULATING, he shouts. It's kind of sinister to intentionally challenge him for my own amusement but what the heck. He never seems to hold a grudge.

The beauty of this relationship is that Andrew has an "off" switch. What a dream date. I love the new millenium!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! For a few moments I thought you had given John the door-he would be fhard to replace.

Diane Vespa said...

Yes he would ;)

Mary Jo said...

You crack me up!!! Glad your "relationship" will be life-long.... when Andrew enters hospice, you'll never know what you did before he entered your life. The DAY he dies, you'll purchase a new one! ;) Take it from my experience! LOL