Saturday, October 3, 2009

Roger Monroe "grades" District 150 at The Community Word

Roger Monroe of recent "Royce and Roger" fame demonstrates he's still "got it" as he fires off his opinion regarding the closing of Woodruff High School by the Peoria District 150 School Board several weeks ago.

The entire article can be read here at The Community Word, where he "grades" the Board of Education members and their vote.

An interesting nugget of information contained in the article is that Woodruff's closure is not necessarily a "done deal" and hopefully Mr. Hinton isn't down at the barnyard counting fowl yet.

I've heard rumblings that Woodruff Alum will be fighting the decision and Roger lay-ed out a fairly compelling legal premise. Full disclosure: I'm no a lawyer but sleep at Holiday Inn Express on occasion.

One thing is for sure... I won't be joining Mr. Hinton in the barnyard until I hear melodious tunes emanating from a portly female.

Hat tip: Billy Dennis

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Diane Vespa said...

Incidentally, I shot off an e-mail to Jim McConoughey asking if the Chamber of Commerce is going rogue on him or if he shares the unpopular stance as cited by Debbie Ritschel in the article. If I get his permission to share his reply (if he responds) I'll post it here.