Thursday, April 22, 2010

I love the smell of a rally in the morning!

I love Democracy and all expressions thereof. There is nothing more American to me than a peaceful assembly of citizens organizing for a common interest. The outrage some feel towards the "Tea-Par tiers" is a bonafide mystery to me but fortunately, I don't care. I have attended the Tea Parties and I was equally thrilled to participate in the rally in Springfield yesterday. The participants were mostly professionals from various walks of life protesting proposed budget cuts to their industries.

I was invited to hop aboard a Peoria Charter Coach and join the Peoria Federation of Teachers as they participtated in the general expressions of discontent with the state of Illinois Government. Since I basically agree that there is plenty to complain about, and, anyone who is willing to take my kids off my hands for nine months out of the year, well, let's just say you had me at Hello. So I was happy to oblige and support our teachers! Road Trip!

Myself, the Elliott-Gardners and the Adkins- Dutro's all brought our kids. We took up the back half of one bus. Funny but the other bus without the kids was for some reason more crowded than ours. ;-)

Our little protesters

We departed Peoria Stadium around 8:30a.m. after a morning
greeting from Superintendent Norm Durflinger. Truth be told I think he may have been a little sad he wasn't going along. He had other plans however. Hopefully he had a full box of No-doz in his pocket.

I estimated the crowd at somewhere between a bazillion and a gazillion.

The issues were remarkably the same as the Tea Partiers!

The boys realized quickly that the posters made awesome jumbo jets!

As we entered the protest area, I noticed the wide variety of issues and signs. It struck me how similar it was to the tea parties. In fact, there are many many areas of common agreement between these two groups. The proposed solution to the problems is where they may part ways. For instance, one speaker who sounded like she had just swallowed a bag of unmixed asphalt chanted "Raise our taxes!" I squirmed a little bit, but then realized a little improvisation was in order. "Vote them out!" fit nicely in between the chants and added a poetic quality.

Here is my top ten list of similarities between the Tea parties and yesterday's Springfield rally:

1. They both have valid points
2. They both have the right and in fact the obligation to express themselves
3. They both are committed to their cause
4. They have all been victims of a corrupt and wasteful government.
5. They should both have the blessings of Bill and Hillary!
6. They both have demonstrated in a lawful peaceful manner.
7. They both are advocating for the issues that are important to them.
8. They both want to reduce government corruption and waste
9. They will all VOTE in November
10. They don't want to be labeled, marginalized or demeaned.

So there you go! I am qualified to make these judgements since I was at both events. I hope this puts the hostilities between the parties to rest. Everyone needs to be registered to vote. Everyone needs to know their legislators and cast the appropriate vote in November. Do not expect the same people that got us into this mess to get us out of it. That would just be stupid. Face the fact that Spingfield's and Washington's (and our) addiction to wasteful, reckless spending must end! Personally, I am heartened to see that the long apathetic slumber of the average citizen is over. We needed a wake-up call. The alarm is ringing!


Emerge Peoria said...

Oh Diane:

You have to be at least ten to participate in a union protest - its the law...:)

Sounds like a good field trip for the kids

Diane Vespa said...

Huh. Interesting. I didn't know that. Quick honey draw the shades and pretend we aren't home if the doorbell rings Lol!

Carl Ray said...

"Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone."

- Thomas Jefferson, 1782

Sharon Crews said...

Thanks for the pictures of some of my favorite little protestors--your children, the Adkins-Dutro children and the Elliott-Gardner children..