Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A word about the Dunlap School Board races....

Dunlap School Board Races - Choose Three!

It has been reported that some Dunlap School Board candidates and their supporters are asking voters to punch the ballot ONLY for them, even though there are three open seats! (There are three seats, and four candidates). In my opinion, this is an attempt to disenfranchise you, and suggests at least to me that the campaign is thinking only of their own personal welfare, and not the overall health of the School District and the students they seek to serve.

To thrive and improve, a school district needs every member (not just one) of it's Board of Education to be the most highly qualified person ready willing and able to carry out the duties and responsibilities of this most crucial organization. An election is not about an individual - but rather, a movement to determine which seven people will be the best representative and advocates for our children.

If any candidate or their supporters tell you to ONLY punch the ballot for their preferred candidate (even though there are three), give some thought to doing the opposite, as I'm not sure they truly understand the mission.